A Review: CSA Extension Services Promoting Biochar in Belize


  • Gerardo Aldana University of Belize
  • Heidy Cob Ministry of Agriculture, Belize


Extension services, climate-smart agriculture, biochar, climate change


The promotion of climate-smart agricultural practices through extension services is vital since the livelihood of many Belizeans depends on both agricultural and natural ecosystem services. Climate change is becoming a major threat to farmers. Extension services can introduce biochar as a climate smart agricultural strategy to combat climate change. Extension agents use several approaches to introduce new agricultural strategies, such as farmer field schools, science field shops, and agrometeorological services. These tools help with implementing climate-smart practices and capacity building for promoting resilience against climate change. Climate change requires changes in behavior, planned strategies, and novel information. To date, Belizean extension service is shifting from an extension agent approach, to a more farmer-centered, systematic approach, which leaves the opportunity for biochar systems to be introduced as a novel climate-smart agricultural practice. This review focuses on the recent trends of biochar application and methods used by Belizean extension services that can promote biochar systems as a Climate-Smart Agricultural practice in Belize.





Health, Natural Sciences, and Technology